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A website helps create brand awareness and showcase your brand to prospective customers. It helps to establish your image by letting the audience know who you are and what you represent Website is an Essential Part of Every Business and in this course we will start from Basic level like;

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Find Domain and Hosting
  • Purchase Domain and Hosting
  • Interconnection
  • Install Word press
  • Admin Panels
  • Themes installation professionally

Basic Chapters

1. Introduction to WordPress
2. Installation of WordPress
3. Installation of Plugin and Themes
4. Pages and Post Building
5. Custom Web Navigation
6. Full Website Customization
7. How to Protect from Hackers
8. Alteration of Themes
9.Backup and Restore old Site
10. Offline Site with No Investment
11. How to Monetize your Website
12. How to Sell Online

Advance Chapters

1. Learn Complete E-commerce Website
  1. I will teach you to customize a website completely, Secure a website from hackers, Do auto Posting on Social Media Platforms and you will learn many more
  2. I will tell you about a different types of websites
      1. Business Website  
      2. Portfolio Website  
      3. Services Website 
      4. Landing Pages 
      5. Entertainment Websites
2. Introduction to Domain & Hosting.
  1. Learn to find & Purchase the best Domain & Hosting.
  2. Learn to set up a Domain & Hosting, Installing WordPress to get your website online.
3. Learn to Install WordPress.

I’ll make sure to teach my students every necessary and essential thing they need to learn in order to make a Fully Functional, Fully Responsive & Beautiful website without doing any type of coding.


4. Tools management and settings.
5. How to install themes and build pages using WordPress.
6. How to Create Mega Menu and settings
7. What is products and How we Add Products
8. What is Categories And How we Add Categories and subcategories
9. Learn About Full Woo commerce Setup
10. Which Type plugins we use download and install
11. Pages creation and page management
12. Blog Posts creation and post management


12 hrs 43min

Updated: 3/12/2022

Rs/2000(Basic Level)

Rs/5000(Expert Level)

Strong Internet Connection

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