Local E-Commerce


Unlock the world of online entrepreneurship with Local Ecommerce course. Learn the secrets to building a thriving online business from industry experts. Master the art of product sourcing, marketing strategies, and customer engagement. Take control of your financial future and join thousands of successful entrepreneurs. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Proper Knowledge of E-commerce
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Basics of E-Commerce
  • Objectives of E-commerce Platforms
  • Different Platforms of E-Commerce
  • How to find products
  • How to get Clients
  • How to Manage Store Professionally
  • How to Start Business
  • Modes of Business B2B and B2C with marketing
  • How to Choose Niche for Business

Basic Chapters

1. Introduction to Local E-Commerce
2. How to Start Local E-Commerce with less Investment
3. Account Creation & Niche Identification
4. Supplier Order Processing & Supplier Management
5. Demand Creation & Marketing
6. Shipment Plan
7. Multiple Presences
8. Profit Calculations
9.Client Hunting
10. E-Commerce Agency Setup
11. How to Sell Online


12 hrs 43min

Updated: 05/01/2024

Rs: 25,000/-


Physical Classes in Iqbal Town Campus

Strong Internet Connection

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